Build Muscle And Gain Weight – Hands Down The Best Program Available

Out of all the weight gain and muscle building programs that are available these days, hands down I believe that Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program is the best.  There is a cool video you can see that shows you exactly what’s in the program.

The No Nonsense Muscle Building Program was authored by a fitness model who was once known as “skinny Vinnie”. What separates this program from others is the fact that the author really does care about helping skinny people gain weight since he was skinny himself at one point. This is such a huge factor in whether a program is truly going to give you the results you want. If all they care about is selling their system, the information and results are going to be well below expectations.

What I really liked most about the program is that fact that it really is a “no nonsense” muscle building plan. He doesn’t talk about any secret button that you can push to instantly add 20lbs to your  frame. But what he does tell you is that if you commit yourself to what is being taught, you will achieve results far beyond your expectations.

Here is exactly what you are going to get when you purchase this program:

The Principles Of Making Your Muscles Grow

There are 9 principles that Vince bases his program around. Each one of the modules inside the program  are based around one or more of these principles. He tells you right upfront that your success will be  determined by how well you not only understand, but also follow these principles.

He goes into great detail explaining these prinicples and also makes sure you understand why each one is so important. Understanding the core foundation of the course is vital which is why he makes sure to go the extra mile in his explinations. Once you understand and are “on board”, your results will become part of the program itself.

No Nonsense Training

The training inside the course meshes perfectly with it’s name. No Nonsense. When you are skinny, you’re tired of empty promises and lack of results and Vince really lays it on the link when it comes to making sure you are getting exactly what you need in the forms of training to add pounds.

The training in this program is based around what I call rotation training. All this simply means is that you are constantly changing up your exercises so that your body never gets used to one particlular movement and is able to adapt. Once your body adapts, the results will be minimal. By changing up the exercises, your body forces your body to constantly tear down muscle and rebuild it. This is where most skinny people mess up and don’t get any results. By following Vince’s program, rest assured you won’t have to worry about progress anymore. You are going to gain the weight and size you want.

Vince recommends that you train 3 times per week with intense sessions. Especially for hard gainers, working out fast and hard are going to give you the fastest results. The good news is because the workouts are not long and it’s only 3 days a week, you are not going to have to spend your life being a gym rat to get the results you want. This is a huge plus and one that people will really appreciate.

Vince’s Thoughts On Using Cardio When Trying To Gain Weight

Most hard gainers will wonder why the heck a cardio part of a weight gain program would even be included.  You’re trying to gain weight not lose it, but have a small amount of cardio is a necessity. You must remember that cardio will actually stimulate muscles in a different way than can be done with weight lifting. While you won’t be doing much, you will have some. Vince likes to concentrate on total body improvement and one way to get that ripped washboard stomach we are all after, a small amount of cardio is included. The way he intertwines it with his workouts is flat out impressive.

The Art Of Nutrition According To Vince

There is no if, ands or buts about it, your diet is going to have an extreme effect on what kinds of results you are going to achieve. The big problem most people have is not knowing how many calories they need to consume each day verses how many they burn. But the big problem is that not all calories are created equal. Vince will walk you through from start to finish what the best foods are to help you pack on the pounds fast.

Like many, I’m not the greatest at being organized when I’m trying to keep track of things, what really separates this program from others is the amount of free tools that he has that will help you not only track your progress, it will tell you where you need to go next. He has a calculator that will not only help you create your diet plan, it will also show you what phase of the process you are in. This will give you the exact point and exercises you need to be focusing on during that particular phase.

What many people think when they hear about “diet plans” for hard gainers, they think they are just going to be told to eat more food. This is not the case here and was a welcome surprise. Vince not only gets you to understand why you need to change the way you eat, but he then goes on to literally hold your hand in the process to actually show you how to change the way you eat.  He gives you a set of 10 rules for fast and easy muscle growth that really simplifies the diet program and makes it so anyone can follow without going crazy.

What Vince Thinks About Using Supplements

Everywhere you turn there is some kind of new supplement out there that you “should” be taking or you will need to achieve results. This is probably my favorite part of the program in that the list of supplements he recommends is very small. But, what really goes to show this cares about the people who buy his program is the that he shows you how you can create these at home. This equates to keeping your money in your pocket! He could have very easily signed up as a spokes person for any number of products for a percentage of the profits and made a fortune. He didn’t and that just speaks volumes about his character in my opinion.

Free Added Extras

There are quiet a few bonuses that come with this program in addition to the core course. Here’s what else you get besides the main product:

1. 29 Week Step By Step Muscle Building Workout Programs – Inside this book you will find step by step workout routines that are designed to get results fast. Once you have completed this part, you will then move on to a more advanced program that Vince has designed.

2. 29 Week Max Power Program – This program is the advanced book that follows the initial 29 Week Program

3. Upside Down Training Program – This book is centered around making sure that you don’t get hurt before you begin working out. It focuses a lot on flexibility training and over all body conditioning

4. Weight Gain Meal Plans – These are exact meal plans that will take the guess work out of what you need to be eating. The fact that these include a groecery list and fast meal creation plans really makes this bonus something I’m surprised he didn’t sell on it’s own. He certainly could have.

5. Exercise Demonstrator – This  software will actually show you exactly how to perform the exercises in Vince’s program. This is great for people who may not be used to working out.

6. The Metabolic Growth Calculator – One of the most important parts of the program in my opinion. This tool will help you establish where it is you need to start and it does it pretty darn quick. Absolutely necessary when you first start a program to make sure you are starting in the right place.

7. Unforgivable Bodybuilding Sins – This audio cd will help you understand what the biggest mistakes in trying to gain weight are and how to avoid them like the plague.

8. Personal 24/7 Fitness Trainer – Vince’s coaching program that virtually answers any questions you may have. Compiled by all of the 1000′s of Vince’s clients, the fitness trainer is going to be able to answer what ever question you may have.

9. No Nonsense DVD – Vince will take you by the hand here and literally walk you through every step of his course. This is such an important bonus as it really can  clear up any questions people may have even before starting the course.

What Are The Upgrades?

After you purchase his core course, there are a few upgrades which he offers to you. In my opinion they are well worth it, but that is totally up to you. Here’s what the upgrades will get you:

1. No Nonsense Fat Cutting – This book focuses on how you can get that “ripped” look once you have finished the main part of the course.

2. Ipod Auido – If you don’t like to read much, the entire course is offered to you in a mp3 fashion that you can download onto your ipod.

3. Additional Meal Plans – Two additional sets of meal plans are provided her for you. One centers around people who are vegetarians and the other goes into detail about meal plans on a budget.

4. Unlimited Email Coaching – If you want access to Vince personally, this is it. He personally answers the emails of his students who upgrade their package. Priceless in my opinion.

5. No Nonsense Muscle Building Members Forum – So much more than a forum, you find weekly video’s from Vince, reviews and a host of other things inside.

Without question, the unlimited email coaching is worth the price of the upgrades ten times over. The additional products that come with the upgrade are icing on the cake. Again, totally your option, but I think they are more than worth the small cost of the upgrade.

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Another reason why this guy seems to have such a quality character is the fact he offers a full 60 day money back guarantee with the program. That gives you two months to test it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back no questions asked. That’s a hard deal to beat right there don’t you think?

In my opinion there is not a better weight gain/muscle building program on the market today. This one is tailor made to suit hard gainers who have struggled to gain weight for years. The fact that the guy who created it used to be called “skinny Vinnie” lets you know that this is a guy who really cares about seeing people who struggle with weight gain fix the problem.

Throw in the 60 day money back guarantee and it’s a risk less transaction. This guy produces results and that’s the bottom line. If he didn’t, you can bet that guarantee would be a lot shorter.

Bottom line is that you don’t have to struggle to gain weight anymore. I’ve been there and I’ve spent thousands of dollars on the “latest and greatest” programs that have come out but produced little results. This program produces and in the end, that’s all any of us really want.

Workout Routines To Build Muscle – Stepping Up Your Progress

There are two main reasons I have found that people decide they really want to start to exercise and workout. They are either tired of being overweight, or they feel they are too skinny. Both are a great motivators to get in the gym and try to either lose the weight and burn fat, or to gain weight and build muscle. The problem for most of these types of people that are either overweight or too skinny is that it is hard to find good workout routines to build muscle.

I have found that people that are too skinny feel that there just aren’t any good work out routines that help to build muscle mass. They feel that all the work out routines to weight training are designed for people that feel they are too heavy and need to lose the weight. These types of work out routines to burn fat training programs just don’t work for people trying to but on muscle.

All the marketing that you see on the TV, listen to on the radio, and read in the magazines are geared towards people that are trying to lose weight and burn fat. Which if you are skinny these type of work out programs just don’t work for you, your goal is not to lose weight, but to gain weight and put on rock solid muscle.

Being too skinny is tough, because you feel like you can eat, and eat all day long and you will still lose weight. The problem is not how much you are eating, but what you are eating and when you are eating. Along with working out, diet and nutrition are just as important to your success if you want learn how to gain weight and build muscle.

If you are skinny, and you were born with a high metabolism you might feel that it’s impossible for you to gain weight and build muscle. But really it is not as hard as you may think if you follow a proven plan from someone that has been in the same situation as you are in. A person that was really skinny just like you, and has found a solution to the problem.

If you are tired of being called skinny, and also tired of being embarrassed to take off your shirt in public, then you need to follow a successful work out routine that has been proven to work. You need a program that was designed for people that are skinny, and have had a tough time gaining weight and building muscle. Also you need a program that not only shows you how to train, but also will provide a proven diet plan that works and can help to you to gain weight.

It really is not that hard to gain muscle if you follow a no nonsense muscle building program that will cover work our routines to build muscle. A program that will help you with your skinny genetics and finally put on the muscle mass and definition you want.

How to Build Muscle Fast – What Steps Are Needed To Add Pounds

We live in a generation that wants results now. We have become a culture that needs instant gratification, and that is why people that are looking to build muscle want to learn how to build muscle fast. We want a workout program that will show us how to lose weight fast, and how to build muscle quickly.

The problem is that most people look in the wrong places for the best way to build muscle. The biggest mistake most people will make is to buy a muscle magazine and follow the routines that are in the magazines. They will follow the routine for a couple of months and get frustrated, because they can’t understand why they don’t look like the guys on the cover. The guys on the cover are genetically gifted, and most of them do not train naturally.

Following the programs you find in the muscle magazines is a big mistake most people make when they first start out. These programs are not designed for people that have a hard time gaining muscle. These guys are genetically gifted and have no problems packing on the muscle. They also do this for a living, and have professional trainers, and dieticians to guide them.
Most people work a full time job, and have a family, so it is hard to find time in there busy schedules to workout. That is why they want to find a weight training program that they can fit into their schedules. Programs that will help them achieve their goals without having to spend hours in the gym.

This is why the average persons will need to take a different approach on how to build big muscle fast. They will want to follow a program that helps build muscle fast, and prevents physical and mental over-training from trying to do too much, to fast. They will want a program that actually works to pack on muscle mass in a smart, healthy way.

If you are serious about learning how to build muscle fast you are going to need follow a program that was created by someone that has been in your shoes, and has found a way to successfully pack on muscle. Plans that will fit into their busy schedule, and will help them achieve their goals.

Learning how to build big muscle fast is not that hard if you understand that you can’t follow the workout plans you see in the magazine, these are designed for professional bodybuilders. You will want to follow someone that has been where you are before, and has found a way to get the results that you want.

If you want to be successful then you will want to learn from someone that is going to give you an exact proven method of success. One that will show you how to eat, think, and train, but still shows you how to be able to enjoy your life.

You don’t have to be overweight or too skinny anymore if you quit following the magazines that give you false promises and marketing hype, and start following a proven plan from someone just like you who will show you the best way to build muscle.

The Best Foods To Gain Weight – What To Eat To Pack On Pounds

Are you trying to hunt down the best foods to gain weight?

If you are, congratulations! Most people trying to figure out how to gain weight fast just assume that any food is a good food to gain weight, and that if they eat enough of it that they will pack on pounds of muscle in no time flat. What they fail to realize is that gaining weight is a bit of a science and an art form.

You can definitely raid the cookie jar, and start cramming junk food down your throat like it’s going out of style, and YOU WILL gain weight…but not the right kind of weight. You’ll more or less add FAT to your body, and not muscle. If you are trying to add a few pounds, I’m sure the goal is to add lean muscle, and not to look like Fat Albert, right?

Below, I’m going to break down some of the categories, and specific types of things to eat that make it on the best foods to gain weight list. There is enough variety that even a picky eater can find enough things that they like to come up with options that they can live with.

Protein based foods to gain weight – Meals with a lot of protein top the list of the best foods to gain weight. Some of the most common options include things like fish , turkey, chicken, red meats (Steaks, and lean ground beef), dairy products , eggs, soybeans, nuts, legumes, ham, pork, shellfish, scallops, lamb, tofu, protein supplements.

As you can see, the double cheese burger from McDonalds didn’t make the list. Sure it is red meat (or is it?), but it’s not “lean” and will more than likely lead to a huge burst of fat hitting your system that very well might counteract all the hard work you are doing as you work towards your goal of gaining weight.

Healthy Fat sources – These should only make up about 10% of your total caloric intake for any given day for best results. Foods such as almonds, sunflower oil, walnuts, flax seed oil, peanuts, and peanut butter comprise some of the best “fatty foods” that you can have to gain weight. Do you see a theme there? Nuts – You need to eat lots of nuts.

Carbohydrate sources – Healthy carbs are an imperative piece of the puzzle for those trying to add lean muscle to their frame. Following, you will find some of the healthiest, and most effective options available.  fruits, brown rice, whole grain breads & cereals, bagels, oatmeal, pasta, potatoes, vegetables , legumes , cream-of-wheat, pretzels, and yams. Surely you can find at least a couple options there that you like, right?

While selecting the best foods to gain weight, keep in mind that the food and calories that you put into your body play a large role in what kind of results you will ultimately see. If you eat the right kind of food, chances are good that your body will reward you with a few pounds of rock hard, lean muscle. Eat the wrong things, and your body will simply start packing on fat, and you’ll be sloppy and hanging out of your clothes before you know it.

Hands down the best program to follow to gain weight can be found right here.

Protein Shakes To Gain Weight – Do Protein Shakes Work?

Have you ever used protein shakes to gain weight? If you have, how did it work out? Did you go to bed a skinny runt and wake up looking like a roided up version of the incredible hulk? I’m willing to bet that the answer is no…am I right?

As a society we are trained to look for what I like to call the “quick fix” so, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that when folks are trying to figure out how to gain weight the first things that they start to research are things like weight gain pills, weight gain supplements, and protein shakes as their first steps to pack on a few pounds.

Unfortunately, they usually find out pretty quick that those things alone,don’t have much of an effect, other than draining your wallet, which is never a good thing, especially in this economy. In order to add lean muscle, and some pounds, you will need to add a couple other things to the mix when taking protein shakes to gain weight. I’m talking about an altered diet, and possibly an exercise routing that might be a little bit different than your used to.

Almost any professional trainer that you talk to will tell you that protein is an essential piece to the puzzle along with healthy high calorie foods as far as the dietary end. However, the best way to take protein shakes to gain weight is to consume them before, or after a workout to replenish your body, and to feed our muscles protein at the time when they need it most. This is the reason why many of the “higher end” gyms have protein shake bars available for people while they are at the gym. Typically people will grab one on the way out to enjoy it on their ride home or while they are doing their cool down.

It wasn’t all that long ago that protein shakes were unpleasant for some people. Even though they looked like a chocolate or vanilla shake, the taste left more than a little bit to be desired, and that is putting it mildly. Luckily, people started to experiment with different flavorings, and things to add to the shakes to make them more appealing to the masses, and it worked! For the most part, there is at least one flavor that you can find that actually tastes good, which makes getting a high dose of protein pretty easy.

So, if you are taking protein shakes to gain weight, remember that they do work, but only if used in conjunction with a larger plan in place that consists of changes in your diet and exercise routine.

The Quickest Way To Build Muscle – Packing On The Pounds

Nobody likes to wait. In the modern world we want everything as soon as possible, if not sooner. Perhaps that’s why so many well-intentioned people go off of their exercise and diet plans; they don’t see the results fast enough. So, if you want to look better, then a slow plan just isn’t going to cut it. What you need to know is the quickest way to build muscle.

The most obvious method to building muscle is by lifting weights. That makes sense. You need to use your muscles to lift any amount of weight, and heavier weights require more muscle. While most people understand this basic concept, they often don’t know the best way to lift those weights.

Let’s take a look at the wrong way first. At least wrong in the sense of building lots of muscle in a short time. When you first start lifting weights, it’s common for a trainer to measure the maximum amount you can lift for any given exercise. The trainer then works backwards from that number to determine the weight you need to lift for several repetitions of that exercise. For example, if you can bench press a maximum of 200 pounds, and the trainer wants you to bench 20 times, then they may lower the weight to 130 pound, so you’ll be able to just do those 20 reps.

There is nothing wrong with doing it that way, and it will help tone your muscles, but the problem is that your muscles are getting a little more tired with each repetition. What you want, however, is for your muscles to be working at their top efficiency. The quickest way to build muscle is to lift as much weight as possible and only do a few reps. You need to really push yourself. Any weight you can lift over your maximum will really kick things into gear.

You need to also change your diet if you want to see speedy results. Keep in mind that you will be burning more calories when doing intense workouts, and that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, and you will need to compensate accordingly. For every 500 calories you take in (over the amount you expend) per day, you will gain an extra pound every week. That’s because 3,500 calories equals one pound, divide that by 7 days and you get 500 calories.

However, you can’t just eat anything. You need to eat high-quality foods that fuel your muscles. You can eat carbohydrates right before your workouts as they provide fast energy. After a workout you can try drinking shakes that are made specifically for muscle repair. Adding lean protein will is also a smart choice.

There isn’t anything complicated about the quickest way to build muscle. All it takes is knowing the right way to do it, making a plan, and then following through on that plan. Do the right exercises in the right way and eat smart. Do those few things and you will have the muscles to show for it in no time.

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How To Gain Weight The Healthy Way – Adding The Weight You Want

The idea of wanting to gain weight sounds like a fantasy to a lot of people. After all, most people are trying to fight an ever-expanding waistline, but there are always exceptions. Wanting to add pounds is one thing, but what’s really important is how to gain weight the healthy way.

Some of us don’t weigh enough, and are looking for ways to bulk up a bit. There are many reasons why this may be the case. Everything from being underweight to wanting to be more muscular to having to be more competitive in certain sports are some such reasons.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just lay around all day and eat anything you want to gain weight? Maybe it would, but it would definitely be doing more harm than good to your general state of health. Apart from that, there would be no celebrating reaching new milestones, because you wouldn’t be doing anything to make it happen. With that in mind, here are some healthy ways to add more pounds.

It may surprise some people that exercise can actually be used to gain weight, not just lose it. The difference lies in the type of exercises that are done. Aerobic or endurance exercises are great for losing weight. Now, that doesn’t mean you should eliminate such exercises from your current routine, as they are good for the heart, but you shouldn’t expect those components to add any weight.

So what kind of exercises should you be doing? In short, any that focus on intensity. Instead of doing three sets of twenty reps each, try doing one set of five reps each, but with more weight. If you do too many reps, your muscles will tire as you get further into your routine. This will keep them from working at peak efficiency, and that’s what you need them to do. Short burst of harder work will quickly add muscle mass, and muscle weighs more than fat which will help boost your results.

The other part of how to gain weight the healthy way is through your diet. You will need to increase your caloric intake to add pounds. For the record, 3,500 calories is the equivalent of one pound of body weight. Just adding 500 calories a day will add up to one more pound per week. However, just as there are better exercises for gaining weight, so too are there better foods. Lean protein, healthy fats and oils, vegetables, fruit and whole grains are all good choices.

Using the two step approach of proper exercise and diet will help you to gain weight and do it in a healthy way. The exercise will add to your muscle mass and help you look bigger without looking flabby. The diet portion will help fuel your body for the new exercises, and also add extra calories. You may be able to add pounds using only one of these, but it will take at least twice as long.

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How To Gain Weight Quickly – Stopping Yourself From Failure

When you are skinny, there is always a “want” to figure out how to gain weight quickly. You’ve probably looked at all the fancy muscle magazines, the promises of popular programs on television and the countless number of celebrities that constantly push this program or that. The truth is no one has figured out a way to gain weight quickly without the proper instruction.

When you see people “advertising” something that has to do with health type products, most of the time it is geared more towards finding a way to lose weight quickly instead of gain it. This is a big reason why I think there is a hole within the industry itself. Most people are more geared towards the losing weight than worried about people who want to be weight gainers.

If you are looking to build muscle quickly and put on some pounds, then you are going to have to understand that it’s not so much about what you know, it’s more what you don’t know.

Figuring out how to gain weight with a fast metabolism is something that most struggle to do. For this reason alone, many people walk away from workout programs without ever having any success at all.  Here’s the thing though, it’s not your fault really that you haven’t had any success because you have most likely been following the wrong information.

There are hundreds if not thousands of programs out there that will all claim to tell you that you can add a few pounds to your frame by following it, but how many of them are actually built around people who are naturally skinny? Not many at all unfortunately.

Most of these build muscle quickly programs are designed for people who are already decent sized. They don’t have the fast metabolism that people who are thin do, so to them, following a particular workout program is going to give them completely different results than you.

There are 7 things that can really kill your chances of gaining any weight if you are thin. It doesn’t matter what program you follow really if you are making any of those mistakes. If you are thin, you have to do things differently than everybody else does to get results. You have to almost trick your body and force it to change the way it burns calories, but you have to know HOW to do this.

This is why it is so important that you follow a program like this that was built for skinny people by someone who used to be skinny. Do this and avoid the seven mistakes that will kill your weight gain chances and you’ll be on your way to adding the pounds you have been looking for.

What Is The Fastest Way To Gain Weight?

Gaining weight, just like losing weight for some, is a very real issue. Just like everything else, people want to see instant results, so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are a ton of people out there looking for the fastest way to gain weight. Just like anything else that has to do with our body, and our health, there are right ways to get results, and their are wrong ways.

What I’m going to focus on today, are some of the things that you should consider, some of the things you should do, and some of the things that you should avoid at all costs. So, if you’ve been looking for the fastest way to gain weight, pay close attention to every word on this page.

Just like weight loss, weight gain depends greatly on the food that you put into your body, so it should come as no surprise that people are often on the prowl for a how to gain weight diet. On the surface, you would think this one would be easy, right? Just stuff your face full of candy bars, chips, and other junk food and you’ll start packing on the pounds, right? Well, you’ll definitely put on some pounds, but you’ll also be fat, which for health as well as self image reasons is more dangerous than being too skinny in many cases.

When putting together your own how to gain weight diet, you should consider, and include foods that are high in calories and protein, yet low in fat. I’m not saying that you want to eat “fat free”, but you definitely don’t want to go from skinny twig to Fat Albert, do you? Thinks like lean meat, nuts, and breads. By including these kinds of foods in your diet, you will not only pack on pounds of lean muscle, but be healthier for doing it.

You will no doubt be tempted to at the very least investigate weight gain supplements to aid you in putting a little meat on your bones. There are some weight gain supplements out there that definitely do have their place in any diet that you put together, however there are a bunch of them that will probably do more harm than good. You want to keep in mind that probably only half of what you read, and even less of what you see in advertisements for these kinds of products are probably legitimate. You aren’t going to drink a couple shakes, and suddenly look like Mr. Universe with a newly found 24 pack, and having women want to hang off your bulging muscles.

Realistically though, things like Whey Protein and things like it, can in most cases kick start some muscle gain, and speed up the rate at which you see results if you are sticking to a diet, compound exercise routines, or both. While Supplements do have their place, it’s my personal opinion that weigh gain pills should for the most part be avoided like the plague. Most of them havn’t been properly approved by the FDA, and lack any proper reseach studies that you can really believe in. The companies that create them though know that people (you and me) love to take pills for just about anything. Heck, look at the diet pill industry. Each and every year they sell billions of dollars worth of pills that have little more than 10 cups of coffee worth of caffeine in them, but because of the idea that a pill will get results, people can’t get enough of them.

Overall, I’d say that the fastest way to gain weight would be a healthy combination of exercise, weight gain supplements, and a solid how to gain weight diet. Actually putting all the pieces of the puzzle together though isn’t really as easy as it sounds either in things you read online or in your own head probably. Starting any new routine usually takes some serious discipline, and confidence that what you are doing will truly give you the results you are looking for.

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High Calorie Foods To Gain Weight – You Need To Understand This!

If you are thinking that you are going to be finding a magical list of high calorie foods to gain weight with, let me the first one to tell you good luck.  There’s no doubt that you can look around the internet and find more than on list of high calorie foods to choose from. The problem is that no matter what types of food you think will allow you to pack on a few pounds, you are sadly mistaken if you think that is all it’s going to take.

There are countless meal plans for weight gain floating around, but almost every single one of them is not going to get you what you want. A meal plan is only a very small part of the equation that is going to give you the results you are looking for. If you came here already following a weight gain program, you are going to seriously think about how good that program really is if it is not giving you a list of what the highest calorie foods to gain weight with are.

This is a major problem in the world of “hard gainers”. There is just so much mis-information out there that it really is difficult to know what you can belive and what is just theory. It’s not like there is a “written” bible so to speak that give you the “chosen” way to weight gain that everyone should follow. If there was, you wouldn’t see people thinking that they needed to go and track down a huge list of high calorie foods to give them the results that they want.

What really holds people back from being able to put on the weight that they want is the lack of knowing you are following the right program. If you are skinny, what sense does it make for you to follow a program that was designed by some muscle head that has never in their life been skinny before

Makes complete sense when you think about it, but for some reason, this is exactly what most people wind up doing. They figure that if they follow what’s inside the magazine with the fancy cover, then the pounds they so desperately want to gain are just going to appear. Wrong!

No matter what you are after, and this applies to things other than weight gain too, but you are going to have the most success by following a path that has already been laid out for you by someone who is standing where you want to be.  By following someone successful that is came from the exact same situation that you are in, you’re chances of success go up tremendously.

There is a reason why so many people are saying this program is the best program available for hard gainers and that’s because it’s got the proof to back it up.Go here to see for yourselfhow you can stop looking for high calorie foods to gain weight with and start spending your precious time putting all the pieces together instead.